Sunday, October 3, 2010

Raise your hand if you missed me!

Ok, do you really think I can see your hand?

It's officially October, well, it has been for a few days, and the weather is absolutely amazing. A little cold last night, but all the better to snuggle with the hubby! Almost finished with revisions of The Reluctant King Reece, then on to the dreaded edits! Why is it all the best ideas flow when you should be focusing on an old story? I have a thousand stories floating through my head, and all I can do is jot them down on a notebook. I've been contemplating a writing program, but I'm still researching the ins and outs, pros and cons. Any suggestions would be great!

I've reserved my copy of Stephen King's On Writing today, and after I drag my tired butt upstairs to get cleaned up, I'll be heading to Borders to pick it up. I'll also be picking up my autographed copy of Legal Guardian by Beau Woodall. I was just informed it's sold out at my local Borders, but they're ordering more copies. It's also available on, so make sure to order your copy today!

Now, back to the juicy stuff...I'm completely rewriting Repeated Life, so those of you who've had the opportunity to read it are in for a surprise! I've added a lot more paranormal/fantasy element to it, so it's more my style than before. Don't worry, it's still heavy on the romance, just a lot more exciting, and faster paced.

Stay tuned for a sample chapter of Repeated Life!