Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back to the Grind

Well, it's Sunday night, and the weekend is almost over. Finished a great book by Jeaniene Frost from her Night Huntress series, and loved it. I love reading awesome gives me something to strive toward. I'd love to write as well as Rachel Vincent (who made me cry...I don't cry), Jeaniene Frost (who's romances are more my taste), and Rob Thurman (who's imagination is unbelievable broad). Therefore, I read as many of their books as possible, perhaps to soak up their talent through osmosis.

So, I began to wonder...what do others read? And why? Is is because it was suggested to you? Do you take inspiration from their style? Is it a release, or escape?

Of course, you can answer all of the above as I do for these questions. I was an avid reader long before I decided to try for publication. I've been reading since before kindergarten, and will even read a cereal box if it's the only thing in front of me in the morning. If you saw my book shelves, you'd wonder how I have any time to do anything else. Lucky for me, I've always been a fast reader.

So, let me hear from y'all. Who's your favorite authors, what's their genre, and if you have a specific reason...why do you like them?