Friday, December 30, 2011

Global Warming? End of the World? Or......

Just really nice weather? I gotta say, I'll take it any way I can get it. This December has been the warmest in my memory, and I didn't have to trudge through snow and slush to clean out my chicken coup, or help my kids down the hill to their bus stop. Yet, oddly enough, I still hear people saying it's because the world will end in the year that such a bad thing?

Here's how I see it: those of us who believe in a higher power will be in whatever Heaven or Nirvana we were promised (except those of you who killed innocents in order to jump to the front of the line), and those who don't will go *poof* into non-existence. No more bills. No more stress. No more illness. No more pain, or evil, hate or sadness. It's that really such a bad thing?

Then, of course, there are those who believe it's the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse. Fortunately for me, I've watched tons of movies about zombies, and read twice as many books. I can survive any type of supernatural attack! Oooh, but what about you? Will you be running for the hills, searching for Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, and Jessie Eisenberg? Or will you become a Shane from Walking Dead and let your morals disappear, killing anyone to save your own ass...even if you don't have a family while the other guy does?

As for me and my family, we'll be hunkered down here, with all our critters, burning wood in the fireplace for heat, eating our chickens and their eggs to survive. Okay, so that sounds a little lacking in variety, but it's better than eating our dogs...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Goodnight!

It's officially Christmas Eve, and I'm as excited as my kids are for the annual festivities. One slight problem; the Christmas party has been cancelled for the first time in thirty eight years due to an idiot in the family. Have not fear, Momma Claus is here.

I will never allow anything or anyone to ruin Christmas for me. My Lord and Savior was born regardless of who does what, and my kids will still have gifts to open, as will my nephews and nieces. There is no better joy for me than watching a child (more specifically, those in my family) open a gift I lovingly picked out just for them.

So, if the party is cancelled, what shall I do? I'll tell you what I'm going to do- I'm going to shower, put on some makeup and some goofy Christmas jewelry. Then, I'm going to load the kids, and the gifts into the car and head out to my family. First, my sister's house. I can't wait to see my nephews' expressions when they open their gifts. Then, I'll head to my mom's where the kids will open the gifts grandma chose for them.

Okay, so there will be no chocolate chip cookies, no rye bread and dill dip, no sandwiches and relish tray. There will, however, still be joy. There will still be gifts. There will still be love.

 I don't need no stinking party!