Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Doing research on Native American Traditions has my head spinning!

Yuh Tsalagi. I am Cherokee. Perhaps not full blooded, as I've found Choctaw and Chickasee, as well. But I'm interested in learning more. My new book includes some embellished Native American traditions, and some Indian words. Unfortunately, Cherokee language is way more complex than I had originally thought. For the English word 'love' there are about six Cherokee words. The way to speak correctly is by gesturing with your hands. Not so easy when you're writing a book.

Today, I'm heading to a store in Maplewood called Mystic Valley on a hunt for more Native American goodies. It's a lot harder to find authentic material than I thought. Hell, the "authentic" ones on the Internet are hundreds of dollars, and that's just for little things like jewelry, throws, or mugs.

Now, I've heard some bad things about the employees at this store, so I'm dying to find out if they'll suffer my wrath like so many before them. Nothing worse than a hippie with an attitude! Peace and love, sister, peace and love!