Sunday, November 7, 2010

Would You Survive?

If the world as you know it ended today, would you survive? I'm not talking about the Apocalypse, I'm talking about no more technology. No more Internet, no more electricity, no more heat or air conditioning. You'd have to read to entertain yourself instead of watching television, or listening to the radio. If you wanted to hear music, you'd have to make it yourself or find a musician.

How about food? Would you be able to cut off the head of a chicken in order to have the meat? Could you kill a cow for the beef? Or how about it's hide? Could you wear a dead animal's skin in order to stay warm?

The big question is, could you kill to protect your own family, or your life? What about stealing from someone else to make sure there's food in your baby's belly? Could you do it? Could you survive if the world as we know it were to cease?

Do you have it in you to live like our ancestors, depending on yourself, your crops and your community?