Monday, November 8, 2010

Would Your Sanity Survive?

The country's finances crash, there is no money to give out, no jobs left. Chaos erupts, technology crashes, humanity falls apart. Would you survive?

If our country, or better yet, our world were to ever face the catastrophes we see in movies, the bad guys would take over. They terrorize the "weak", they would rob, kill, rape. Would you survive?

Our communities, and more specifically, our little suburbs would no longer be safe. We would be forced to rely on our neighbors, the same people we say no more than three words a year to, to watch our backs, to take turns at nighttime surveillance. Would you survive?

Or would you be safer taking off for the woods? Perhaps you'd feel safer surrounded by wilderness, or living in a cave. Would you build a cabin? Or just sleep in a makeshift shelter?

What about food? If the economy, and civilization as we know it crashes, we'll be on our on when it comes to food. Would you grow your own, raise cattle and chickens? Or would you hunt deer, turkey, and rabbits? Could you gut and skin these animals? Could you destroy your pretty little manicure with blood and entrails?

Would you survive? Could you put everything you've ever learned on the back burner and depend on nothing more than survival instincts? More importantly, would your sanity survive?