Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day Two of Lifestyle Change...and No Writing

I don't know which I miss more...the soda and doughnuts, or my characters. I'm also in the midst of the seasonal clothes switchover, while cleaning and doing normal day to day housework. I'd much rather sit at my computer and disappear into my worlds I built. Everything is clean and in place there.

As I'm typing, all three of my kids are behind me, refolding their clothes I handed them folded, while talking all at once. You try to stay focused with that going on. I usually only write while they're at school, but lately, I'm taking what little time I can to get anything done.

Just like many of you, I have many interruptions throughout the day. I had all three kids this morning, plus my oldest brother was here until after nine. I left him while I went to the gym. Then, my youngest sister stopped by after school, like she does every Tuesday and Thursday. My older brother borrowed my car, then returned with my younger brother. And you all wonder why I like my cigarettes and junk food.

I'm hoping to set boundaries and stick to them, keeping everyone from my house and refraining from calling me while I'm working. Whether or not they'll follow my new rules is yet to be seen!