Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lazy Sundays

While I should've been in church this morning, I found myself crawling out of bed around 11am. My wonderful husband got up with the kids, leaving me to sleep in. No, I'm not lazy, but I've been sick, and as everyone knows, it's nearly impossible to get a good night's sleep when you're ill. Though this is the first thing I've written today, be rest assured, it will most certainly NOT be the last of the day. I've never been able to go an entire day without writing something, anything. It's not only a passion, but who I am. I'm unable to see a simple situation without completely describing it in my head, then embellishing the scene with fictional characters and plots.
Today, I think I'll give Marley and Reece a break from their usual training, fighting, and love making, and perhaps, move on to some new characters. Let's just hope it doesn't bite me in the ass later.