Thursday, August 5, 2010

How is that possible?

It's official, most people are unaware of just how many juveniles are incarcerated for life in prison without parole. Even more are unaware how many are in their own state. In my home state of Missouri, there's currently over 100 juveniles sentenced to LWOP. Though I'm not completely surprised at the lack of knowledge, I am, however, appalled at how many people are completely apathetic about the entire situation. The only way to bring it home to some people is to use their own children as examples. "That would never happen to my child, I would make sure they got the proper counseling beforehand."

Great! What about the kids whose parents are too busy smoking crack, working the streets, or gangbanging themselves to care what the hell their child is doing? Whose responsiblity is it then to help shape and mold these impressionable little people?