Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Heading to the juvenile correctional facility today

Today, I will fill out my paperwork to become a volunteer at the St. Louis Juvenile Detention Center. I've received permission to institute a journaling/writing group for the kids detained there. Maybe it's one of those moments of hoped for change, but I'm hoping to teach these kids to channel their rage and put it on paper, in hopes of later avoiding yet more crimes and jail time. If everyone would take the time to help just one underpriveleged child our correctional facilities may not be so crowded.
During research, I discovered that a majority of children doing time in prison came from drug addicted, abusive, neglectful homes. These boys and girls would then go looking for a family and acceptance, usually finding it within a gang. What if they had another option? What if just one adult in their life extended their hand and told them, "I'm here for you."? Would it make a difference?

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