Friday, December 3, 2010

What a beautiful sunrise....

It's bitterly cold outside, there's frost on everything, but what a sunrise. Everything was pink this morning, and I'm not even a fan of pink. It was absolutely amazing.

I'm exceptionally tired this morning, and originally planned on going back to bed after the kids got on the bus, but my brain is in overdrive. I can't wait to go spend more time with my newest line up of characters.

I love this part of the process. You know, when you don't want to walk away because you might miss something. I love when my fingers move at a feverish pace trying desperately to keep up with my brain...and if you knew how fast my brain moved, you'd be impressed at my typing ability.

I normally have dozens of ideas buzzing around my head at any given time, but this one storyline has been beating at the inside of my skull for the past couple of days. The scenes are just playing themselves out, the plots thickening. I've developed quite a crush on my hero, and my heroine is a sassy, stubborn, independent woman.

Picture a tall - and I mean six foot four tall - Choctaw American Indian, with long, black hair, and ocean blue eyes. Yep, now you can see why I have such a huge crush. He's strong, caring, compassionate, yet macho and masculine! Hell yeah, that's my kind of man!

Stay tuned for more. And if you like the first chapter of Repeated Life make sure to tell your friends to head over to my blog and take a gander. I'm hoping to have it published by next year. Cross your fingers.