Sunday, December 12, 2010

I love writing...sometimes

So, as I've said before, I've started a new novel. My characters are very vivid in my mind, all the way down to their clothing size, their favorite foods, etc. However, for some reason, they didn't want to come across as believable on the screen.

Many authors I know come across this occasionally. But they can also tell you how very frustrating it can be. I was 21,000 words in and realized I was forcing it. For those of you wondering, that's about 60-70 pages. I just couldn't bring myself to continue. So, I scrapped it and started over.

During times like these, I like to refer to Stephen King's On Writing. He lays it all out, no bull shit, no candy coating. That man is a wealth of knowledge, and not the kind you pay for and can never use again. Even the great horror master himself has had something similar to writer's block, brain farts in the middle of a scene, etc. Makes me feel a little better about my own writing.

So, my lovelies, you'll have to wait for more information on the newest work in progress. All I can tell you right now is the male is an American Indian, and absolutely masculine and gorgeous. The female is a petite red-head. They both will be Hunters.

Ooh, what's a Hunter? You'll just have to wait. Don't worry, has nothing to do with deer or turkeys.