Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stephanie Meyer, Rachel Vincent, Stephen King...oh my!

Someone recently told me they hated Stephanie Meyer's writing. "Why?" I asked. She couldn't give me a specific answer, other than she's tired of vampires and the writing was amateur.

It got me thinking...what is amateur writing vs professional writing? Of course, there are those who can write text books for students, but is that how you want to read a story? Or would you rather read a story and believe, to your soul, that it is being told my a seventeen year old girl?

Is it possible that Stephanie's writing is lacking, or that she very brilliantly told such a beautiful story that it sucked millions of readers in, regardless of their age. (Yes, I'm a Twihard.) Is it possible that Stephen King could be considered a mediocre writer, even by others in his genre? Sure he could. But, my real question is what standards do we judge a writer, and how do we determine a favorite book, or author.

There is one commenter on my site who likes to bash writers, and pretend they are the last great writer. To be honest, I get bored when reading this person's little stories; they just don't suck me in. That, and it's written in first person; first person writing always reminds me of the little stories in nudey magazines.

I'll tell you how I decide who's my favorite, as opposed to who I'd never read another book by. The story. "Oh, CL. That's what we all look for; a really good story." Of course, we do. But, by what standards.

As I've admitted before, I'm a Twihard. I mean a really hard core Twihard. But, Stephanie Meyers isn't my favorite author. I love Rachel Vincent, and have devoured every book she has written. Why? Because I get sucked into her stories.

Writers suck as Meyers, Vincent, and King have the ability to suck you into a story so well, that when you put the book down, you forget the characters aren't real. I remember reading Stray by Vincent for the first time, and actually wondering how Faythe Sanders was doing after I'd put the book down hours before.
How about how every woman who's read Twilight fantasizes about finding their own Edward, regardless of the fact that he's physically seventeen years old. And regardless of the fact he was described as being as hard as stone and ice cold to the touch. Ew! Who wants to snuggle with an ice cube? Um, me if it happens to be Edward!

Well, here's my favorite part. This is where I ask you how you base your decision on your favorite author, or book? Do you guy by the goose bump factor? Or how about how many nightmares Mr. King's book gave you. Maybe it was a fear of an unknown, non-existent creature. Sound off and let us know...and don't forget to tell us who your favorite author is or what your favorite book is.