Thursday, April 7, 2011

How can you NOT be obsessed with vampires?

I'll admit, I've had quite a fascination - okay, obsession - with vampires for quite a while now. Technically since I was about twelve. Bella Lugosi intrigued me, but didn't quite push my buttons, if you know what I mean. It wasn't until The Lost Boys until I realized how very sexy they are.
Of course, they weren't too sexy when they vamped out and bit into the biker's skull, but they were still members of the Undead.
I began wondering at a young age what the pull was about immortality. Would anyone really want to live forever? I mean, think about it...everyone you know and love would die and you'd be left behind. You'd have to experience all the evil of the world for the rest of eternity (at least until the Apocalypse). But, if you could live forever as an incredibly beautiful, powerful, majestic, flawless creature such as a vampire would it change your decision? What about the whole blood drinking thing? Could you stomach it?

Here's my two way in Hell would I want to be a vampire...but I wouldn't mind being bitten by a few of them. Here's a few pics to prove how sexy these dark creatures are, and I'll start with my absolute favorite...Edward Cullen.

While some find his character to be a bit of a stalker, I find him to be romantic. I mean, a whole other level of romantic. And what about those eyes...yum!

Who could forget about the vampire Lestat...

and his brooding sidekick Louis?

Oh, don't worry guys, here's a few vampiresses for you....

Half vampire/half human Rayne is crazy beautiful!

Here's Aaliyah (RIP) in The Queen of the Damned. Anne Rice is the queen of vampire novels!

Get your fill now, because she is so NOT sexy as a vampire, but Lord, look at that body!

Enough of the girls...let's get back to the smoking hot male vampires who haunt my dreams!

Mmmm, Armand! I do believe quite a few hotties were in Interview with a Vampire. I mean, did anyone know who Brad Pitt or Antonio Banderas were before this movie?

Now Blade breaks all the rules. Not only is he a half breed, but he hunts and kills vampires. I'll forgive can you not when looking at this pic?!

I've only recently begun watching the first season, but Vampire Bill has me hooked! Mmm, those eyes!

Here's another of my favorites, though not many people have seen Moonlight. Mick St. John, the sexy vampire!!!

And Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000. I'll confess, I love him in any movie.

Now, keep in mind, vampires are said to be first class lovers with unbelievable libidos. What woman wouldn't want to be ravaged by one of these sexy beasts. Every time I watch a vampire movie, (not the ones where they turn all gross and evil looking), all I can think about is their sexual prowess and the way they can glamor you into orgasm. Ahhhh.

I think I'm done for the night. I'm going downstairs to watch another episode of True Blood Gotta get my fill!!!