Saturday, November 9, 2013

Affected by Books?

It's no secret that I'm a complete Twihard. Hey, there's no shame in admitting it (unless you ask my husband) From the moment I first read Twilight I was hooked. Every time I would close the book I had to get another immediately. (Luckily for me, I started late and didn't have to wait for each book to be published) When I wasn't reading the books I was thinking about the characters, dreaming about the characters.

I was so infatuated with Edward, mesmerized by Jacob, and highly respected Charlie. These characters were real to me.
This kind of fictional reality doesn't happen often for me. There are only two other authors who have roped me in so intensely that I had remind myself the books weren't autobiographies, and the characters were never going to cross my path.
Rachel Vincent was one such author who sucked me in so much I had to take a couple days away from the books or I would have been committed into a nut house (joking, of course). If you haven't yet, definitely check out her Shifters series.
The world of Faythe, Marc, and Jace was addictive, sexy, dangerous, and did I say addictive? Yeah, I did but seriously worth repeating!
The third author to suck me into their fictional world is Stephanie Rowe. Holy cow! Her Calydons are beyond hot in the Order of the Blade books! She's what is referred to as a hybrid author as she is both Indie and traditionally published. I'll admit I have a major crush on Calydon Gideon!!!!
I can't be the only reader who gets so engrossed in a book they forget about reality for a time. Who is the author who changed the way you read? What book have you been obsessed over? I can tell you when I hear certain songs, specifically songs from the Twilight soundtracks, I feel the same way I did while reading the books. That is a fabulous feeling if you ask me. So tell me, I want to hear your naughty little confession!