Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What the F*ck is Going On?!

Normally I blog about things to do with writing. You know; tips, links, inspiration, etc. Sorry to say, today I'm going to be on a soap box.

Another news report came out today about a 24 year old man raping, slapping and burning a one year old girl with cigarettes. He then persuaded a 15 year old to have sex with him. Just last week a mother beat her thirteen month old son to death because he wouldn't stop crying and go back to sleep. She was hung over and wanted to sleep in. Then, the infamous case of Casey Anthony murdering her beautiful little girl, Caylee.

Why?! Why is this happening? I asked my husband his opinion and he thinks it's because of all the instant sources of news. It just gets more attention. I don't think that's the case. I think it's way more prevalent.

I have never given birth to a child, yet I'm the mother of three beautiful kids. Never would I even think about beating one of my kids. Have I slapped them on the behind? You bet I have. Have I ever closed my fist and punched one of my kids because I was hung over and wanted to sleep? HELL NO!

I keep going over these atrocities in my head. Is it from the easy access of pornography? No longer to you have to hide your face and go into an adult book store. A few clinks on the Internet, and viola! You got yourself some porn.

Maybe it's because of the whole 'you're okay, I'm okay' mentality. Or perhaps because society as a whole refuses to make children accountable for their actions or give them any responsibilities. Maybe it's because of the entitlement mentality. 'I deserve this!'

I'm sure the ACLU's habit of protecting criminals isn't helping. There was a story I read of the ACLU claiming death by lethal injection was cruel because the man in question would feel the discomfort of the needle going into his arm. This same man was sentenced to death for brutally raping and murdering a three old girl. In my opinion, the death penalty was entirely too easy.

Why isn't society as a whole demanded more from our government as far as protecting the children? Why aren't we beating on doors and demanding they severely punish anyone who would not only molest or rape a child, but abuse them in any manner. If a human being is capable of beating a baby to death, or raping a child, is this really someone we want breathing the same air as the rest of us?

And here's another thought; where are the vigilantes we always here about? I'm not saying I condone murder, but I have to admit...I wouldn't shed a tear if some piece of shit baby raper was beat to within an inch of his life on some city street.

I know you all have opinions on what is happening. And I'm sure there's more than one of you who will say I'm evil or a sinner for wanting these monsters to suffer. Here's you chance to sound off....the comment board is all yours!