Friday, October 7, 2011

If you make me mad I'll give you a bad review!

Not really, but this sure seems like the way of the writing industry. I guess when I started looking for other authors, I was completely naive. I thought we would all hold hands and encourage each other. Of course, not everyone would get along, as that's just the way it is, but those people would just choose to befriend someone else. I had no idea that if someone disliked my shoes, my nose, my hair, or my style of writing it would become their personal mission to destroy my spirit.

Let me just say, my feelings aren't hurt, I won't be hanging from my shower stall, dragging a razor across my wrist, or even frowning. Just because someone may not like me will not change who I am, or how I feel about life.

So, to the point of this blog...should authors review their friend's books? I've noticed a lot of "give mine a review, and I'll give yours a review", whether or not the book has been read. Hell, I had a couple of friends do that to my first book when I first released it. Then, to my surprise, when these people decided I was no longer a part of the popular crowd, they first took their reviews down, then took turns bashing my book in other's reviews. Grow up! I will not review a book I've never read, I will not give a great review to a book I don't like, and I will not attack someone because I don't like them. There is actually an author I know whom I've lost all respect for, yet I rather enjoy one of their books.

Do you think authors should trade reviews? What if you/they have never read the book? Do you think this is a slippery slope?