Monday, May 23, 2011

Not writing related...well, sort of

Today is Monday, May 23. The last day of school for my kids is Friday, May 27. During that time my son will graduate middle school, and my daughter will turn 12. Then, on Saturday, May 28, my youngest son will turn 13. Seems like a great week, right? Wrong!

Not only will my kids be home spouting "I'm bored!" for the next three months, my darling daughter is one step closer to her teen years, my pre-teen son will officially be a teenager, and my oldest son will be entering high school. If I was emotional person this is the week I would be carrying around a box of tissues!

Now, onto the crappy part. As much as I like hanging out with my kids (they're finally old enough to understand my humor), and as much as I like to sleep in, the next two months is going to be very difficult. Many of you know I have to pack the house, find a new house, finalize the home loan and get us moved...all by the end of July. This will all happen with the kids running circles around me, "Mom, can I go to xxx house?",  "Mom, he won't stop talking to me!", "Mom, she won't take turns with the video game!", "Mom, he cussed!", "Mom, can we have ice cream/soda/a snack/*enter food product here*!".

My mom was a stay at home mom until I was fourteen years old, and there were five of us total, although she only stayed home with four of us. At times, we didn't have enough money to go anywhere special. But, some years, we got to go to Six Flags, the Zoo, Purina Farms, Grant's Farm, etc. As much as I'd like to say the kids and I will be playing all summer long, we all know how difficult this will be while trying to get all the other things completed!

Well, I'm off to pack some more/clean/house hunt/run errands/market/write/network...just pick one and let me know what I'm doing! Lol