Wednesday, May 21, 2014

5 Characters in Supernatural/Post Apocalyptic Movies and TV shows you love (or love to hate)

It's no secret that I am an EXTREME Walking Dead fan. Hell, as I write this I'm sipping out of my Walking Dead Darryl and Crossbow coffee mug, while surrounded by my TWD toys, posters, and calendar. Oh, there's even a Darryl mask hanging on my wall. The show is off until October, but that doesn't mean we can't ponder on why we love these characters, and who we love the most.

Here's my list of characters from Supernatual/Preternatual/Post-Apocolyptic movies and shows:

5. All four girls from The Craft!
In the beginning of the movie you can't help but sympathize with these girls. They are the outcasts of their private school, shunned by pretty much every kid there. BUT, as the story unfolds you begin to feel...different. Bonnie becomes a stuck up, narcissistic bitch, Rochelle becomes petty and vengeful, and Nancy...that bitch is just crazy! The only redeemable character in the end is Sarah, and the actress's acting is only subpar compared to the other three. However, you can't help but cheer for the girls, up until the point where they knock poor Chris (Skeet Ulrich) from the window simply for denying Crazy Ass Nancy!
Like I said, crazier than a bat in a shit house!

4. Dean Winchester - Supernatual
It took me a while before I finally caught any of these shows and it's usually reruns. However, I wish I'd caught it from the beginning. I really think both brothers are fine and awesome, but there's just something about Dean. He's witty, sarcastic, strong, brave, intelligent, and has the most kissable lips! Plus, have you seen the video of him doing the Harlem Shake yet?
Momma loves a man who isn't too serious about himself!

3. Eric Draven - The Crow
We've all seen it, and more than likely, if you're a fan you watched this in your teens. You love it or hate it. Even if you love it you have to admit it is as cheesy as the music Eric Draven writes! With names like Fun Boy and Tin Tin you really can't expect a Shakespeare play.
Regardless of whether you hated it you HAVE to admit it has THE BEST soundtrack ever!!!!

2. The entire cast of Zombieland!!!
This movie is technically a comedy, but being as there's zombies in it, I think it qualifies for this blog! All four of them - Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock - have all redeemable qualities and all four add to the movie without being distracting. And you have to admit Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone are pretty damn easy on the eyes. Also, if you've watched this movie as many times as I have and memorized the rules you have a much better chance of survival when the Zombie Apocalypse comes!

1. Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead
Ah, Daryl Dixon. You can NOT help but cheer for this man!
He's kick ass, loyal, and so freaking gentle! You can't tell me you didn't sigh when he fed "Lil AssKicker"!
The man hasn't bathed in two years yet women every where want to rip his clothes off. It doesn't hurt that the actor, Norman Reedus, is extremely approachable and sweet. And who can forget this...
Forgive the quality, but it's the only clip of this scene I could find
You know every woman watching wished they were the one to comfort him! Even if he did smell like road kill wrapped in ass!

So there's my list of faves! Of course there are so many more I could list, but this is my top five! Do you have a list? Did any of them make this list?