Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Laptop and I Have Been Displaced

I'm a classic housewife/stay at home mom. I write full time. Yes, I know how very lucky I am. During the week, after the last kid heads to the bus stop, I prop my laptop on the dining room table, open the blinds and curtains in the dining room, and start pecking away. Well, this week, my husband's on vacation.

What does that have to do with anything? I've been starting out my days in our downstairs living room, stretched out on the couch with my laptop on my lap. I don't want to wake him up at six am; my husband works up to twelve hours a day during the week, so he deserves to sleep in.

Are you wondering what any of this has to do with writing? Or maybe why the hell I'm even bringing it up? Being stretched out on the couch is causing some discomfort. My legs are tight and sore by the end of the day - that's even after constantly getting up to do laundry, vacuum, and do laundry. It got me wondering about other writers' writing habits. You see, there's a place called The Writers Cave on Paige Cuccaro's site. I have spent hours going through the pictures of other authors' writing spaces.

Paige Cuccaro's "Cave"

At one time, when we first moved into this house, I had started hanging posters and arranging things in a certain area that I had designated as my writing space. Well, just like any other home with kids, a television and game system made their way into that space and it became yet another space for the kids. So, I'm currently writing homeless.

Laurell K Hamilton's "Cave"

I'd love to see pics of other writing spaces? Do you actually have an office? Or do you sprawl out wherever you can? Maybe you're like me and just plop your laptop down in the place that looks good for the day. Want to share pics of your writing spaces?