Friday, August 19, 2011

I started thinking about what I enjoy when reading blogs, and wanted my own blog to be informative, and fun. So, here’s the official new schedule…

Monday – Awesome articles from brilliant authors, publishers, editors, and agents. The information will span the entire world of writing, including marketing and publicity.

Wednesday – There are so many unbelievably talented authors out there, I need to interview as many as possible. Wednesdays will be dedicated to interviews of authors I know and love, as well as some just breaking through.

Friday – First, the introduction of the hottie of the week. Then, it’s anything goes. There will be no specific format for the last day of the work week. There will jokes and fun pictures, anecdotes (both mine and others), and…well, you get the point. This will be the day we start our weekend with a smile.

Hope you’ll stick around and join in on the fun!!
Before I end my blog, I wanted to let everyone know I've moved my blog. I will keep this one up and active until everyone is able to find me. The new blog is located on my website. I hope you choose to follow me to the new and improved site!!
Until next time, Happy Writing!