Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Been a While...

Sorry for the absence, y'all. Don't worry, I was thinking about you...well, kind of. I knew my absence wouldn't exactly interrupt anyone's day or cause anyone to lose any sleep, but I did miss the comments and replies from my lovely friends and fans.

Now for the updates and news...You can now go to my website at clparks.com to pre-order your copy of Repeated Life or send an email to clparks@clparks.com and leave your contact information. Remember, the more people pre-order, the faster the book will be published. So, the book's fate lies in your hands....dun dun dun. Yes, that was the ominous suspense music playing after that last comment.

Okay, so the fate doesn't totally lie in your hands, but it's cool to think your pre-order could make a difference in the swiftness of publisher approval. That part isn't a load of manure.

Next topic...I've been researching lately on marketing ideas. My agent suggested a book to me today by John Kremer called 1001 Ways to Market Your Books. He's also published a book (which I think I own) called Publicize Your Book. I haven't finished the latter, so I'll let you know what I think when I'm finished with it. I posted a previous blog about the typical avenues of marketing such as the social networks Facebook, MySpace, LinkdIn, and Twitter. I'm on all of these sites, so if you haven't befriended me yet, head over and do it now!

So, that's all I have for today. I've got to get back to writing and researching...two of my favorite AND least favorite things to do. Hey, writing and researching are the most enjoyable things in the world to do (next to certain intimate things, of course) until you run into the proverbial concrete wall.