Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ah, Snow day....

This is supposed to be one of those lazy days, where we all sit around in our pajamas, watching television, and being as immobile as possible. For us writers, this is the kind of day where the world is quiet and we can sit back and engulf ourselves in our latest book....unless you're like me.

Today, not only are all three of my kids home, but I have three extras to watch. Last year, I babysat for toddlers ranging from two to five. I stopped when we were supposed to move, and never started back up again (it just wouldn't be the same without my boys). Now it's the way it used to be....LOUD!

How am I supposed to get any writing done with so much noise and chaos. At one point, I was able to sit at the computer in the family room and bust out pages at a time with the family all nearby watching a movie. I'm now so spoiled that I have to wear earphones or have quiet in order to get into the characters heads. I'm determined to get something done, but I think it'll probably have to wait until later.